Things to Ask Yourself

Learning to play piano takes time and effort. Just like anything that is really worth doing!

If this is for my child…….

Does my child have a desire to learn piano, or is it only what I want?

Sometimes it will work if a child only has a twinkle of interest, but for most kids, piano doesn’t come easy without practice and effort. If they want to play, they’ll make that effort.

How busy is my child?

Again, the fact that learning an instrument requires practice means that the student needs to have the time to do so. If they have too many other after school activities, they will not have the time to be successful. If this is what they really want, I would suggest paring down extra activities to make their dream a reality. If they have nothing else to do, but school work…..awesome!

If this is for myself…….

  • I wish I had a dime for every adult that told me, “I took lessons for a while when I was a kid and never finished, or I quit, or I never got anywhere with it”.

First off, ask yourself why that happened, and are you the same person?     If the answer is, “I’m still overly busy”, it’s probably not going to work for you now, either. Save your money.


  • However, if you quit for a myriad of other reasons, such as your parent’s moved or they couldn’t get you to lessons, this may be the time to pick it up again.

If you’re now retired and finally have the time, great!    If you really need a change in your life or something to get your creative juices flowing, and you’ve always LOVED music, awesome!

If you always wanted to play and never got the chance, terrific!

If you’re needing to do something to get out of the house, because your spouse is driving you nuts……Save your money.

One small thing I should mention: If you suffer from arthritis or any form of hand/finger damage, you may want to consider whether your hands will be happy with you, and whether they are moderately flexible.

Oh, and the obvious question…. can I afford this?

I’m not trying to scare you off. I just don’t like to waste people’s time and money.  If you are not scared off now…. COME SEE ME!