Teaching Style

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  • My teaching style is a guidance manner, leading students to discovery rather than always giving them the answers. This way they can own what they’ve learned.
  • Students may borrow piano books and sheet music, which makes it less costly, and I maintain a large selection.
  • I don’t use any one method book. The student and I decide what works best for them.
  • I use many supplemental books, exposing students to many styles of music. Though I focus on classical so students can get a good sense of form and technique, I infuse that with Jazz, Pop, New Age, and other genres.
  • Students generally get to choose music based on their preferences within certain parameters that need to be met. Often, I will offer several choices.
  • I take time to instruct students on what it means to practice and how to do it efficiently.
  • I’m strong on concept learning, such as rhythm, harmony, sight reading, theory, ear training, composition, and music history.
  • The ability to sight read is crucial for someone who wants to go off on their own eventually and play whatever they want. So, I don’t lean much on rote learning.
  • Students are given the chance to participate in festivals and competitions when they’re ready.