Personal History

My grandmother had an organ that I loved to bang on by the time I could reach it. Then a piano graced our doorway when I was 5. Mostly, I was self-taught from then until I started lessons at the age of 7.

There are many musicians in my family, past, present, and future, with a variety of instruments including voice.

I grew up listening to Classical, Big Band, Easy Listening Crooners, and my older siblings on violin, viola, and trombone. I sang in choirs from the age of 3.

As I teen, I discovered Pop and Rock ‘n’ Roll!  So, my musical tastes are eclectic, ranging from Chopin, Mussorgsky, and Kabalevsky to Groban, Enya, Queen, Journey, and ACDC.

I have to say I’m pretty fond of some newer music being produced by groups such as Muse and Pentatonix. I also love a good sound track, a trip to the symphony, and dubstep!

I started out in college wanting to be a composer, so I focused on theory and composition. Somehow, I just fell into teaching and discovered the great joys of working with kids. I still enjoy composing and music theory, but there’s just nothing like teaching young people (and the old but young at heart) to fall in love with sound.