Junior Festival was outstanding!

In April, 11 of my students participated in Junior Festival. Everyone came away with smiles powered by their hard work and great performances which resulted in great marks. Lots of gold Superior ribbons were achieved, and a trophy. Congratulations to everyone who played so beautifully!


Started Teaching at the German Int’l. School

Hi Piano Parents!      *  Hallo Klavier-Eltern! I started teaching piano in the after school program at the German Int’l. School in Beaverton. It’s a blast! Ich lehre Klavier nach Schule am German Int. Schule. Es macht so viel spaß! I have some openings available. If your child attends GIS, please contact me for lessons. Ich nehme neue Studenten. Wenn Ihr Kind GIS beiwohnt, schicken Sie mir bitte für Lektionen per Email. Lessons at the school are 30 min. for $30. Lektionen auf der Schule sind 30 Minuten für $30 My German is not yet fluent, but I do speak enough to converse in German, if needed. Ich spreche ziemlich viel Deutsche.  



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Hello Music Lovers! Don’t you find that Piano Rocks…..I do! Celia Bartel